About FAN Courier

FAN Courier is the leader in express courier services in Romania, but this is no reason for not to keep developing, in order to deliver gladly, anywhere, to any place in the world. Our secret is the people. The clients who are continually challenging us with every successful delivery. And the most beloved team of couriers who work daily to reach gladly, anywhere. We thank our clients for leadership.


The history of FAN Courier started in 1998, when the three Romanian entrepreneurs, Felix Patrascanu, Adrian Mihai and Neculai Mihai dreamt of turning the new formed company into the greatest provider of courier services in Romania. The plan became reality in 2006 and since then FAN Courier has been Gladly Anywhere from the first place. Strategic thinking, plenty of dedication and consistent investments every year have equally contributed to building up what FAN Courier represents today: a solid company, esteemed and recognised as the most important provider of courier services in Romania.

“FAN Courier became a leader thanks to their customers!” is what we, the people in FAN Courier, often say, but it is especially a state of things; a state of things which is supported by concrete achievements and figures. This is how we were motivated, over the time, by the obligation we took in front of our customers:

2006: A team of 1200 people and a car park of 900 vehicles realised a turnover of 75 927 792 RON. FAN Courier becomes market leader.

2007: Total investments of 5-7 million euros bound the leadership gained in 2006. A much more numerous team of 1800 people at national level, making use of a fleet of 1300 auto vehicles realised a turnover of 104 049 927 RON. FAN Courier maintains in the no. 1 position on the internal courier market.

2008: 9 million euros were invested for the consolidation and development of the company. 2000 people and 1500 auto vehicles succeeded to reach a turnover of 153 725 272 RON. FAN Courier continues to be market leader.

2009: A difficult year for the entire economy, the first year when the financial crisis affects every level in the Romanian economy. FAN Courier makes the decision to keep the team and the fleet at the same dimensions (2300 people and over 1500 auto vehicles), but increases investments. 11 million euros are invested in perfecting trainings, fleet maintenance and especially in the new headquarters and the parcel sorting system. In a year when most companies fail the test given by the economic context, FAN Courier has a 10% turnover increase: 166 212 080 RON and expends the number of covered towns with 130%, without taxing additional kilometres. First position among courier companies on the market is still booked by FAN Courier.

2010: FAN Courier increases the amount of investments and focuses on innovation. The objective of the future investments is a higher speed of the delivery, therefore a higher degree of satisfaction for the clients. FAN Courier starts the investments for the first parcel sorting band ever used by an express courier service in Romania and begins the final stage of preparations for relocating to new headquarters. The quality of the services we offer our clients is of maximum importance; therefore, at the end of the year, FAN Courier reached a turnover of 190.1 million RON, 14 percents higher than the previous year.

2011:It is the year when FAN Courier completes the investments for the first parcel sorting band in Romania, as well as for the first envelope sorting band. The company continues to extend its network and reaches a number of 14,000 clients, of which about 90% are corporate. Despite being a difficult year for the whole economy, FAN Courier manages to maintain the growth rhythm of its business.

2012: FAN Courier counts on specialized innovative services. Since April 2012 clients have been able to access FAN Courier application available on Android and Apple store, which allows them to check the current status of a shipment by AWB, receive push-up notification when their shipment has been delivered, request a cost estimation for a shipment and also make an order. Approximately 15,5 million monthly shipments, involving 1,550 vehicles, led to a turnover of € 54,7 million.

2013: The year is marked by several investments which aim at the development of the company. € 1,5 million were invested for the warehouse enlargement project and other € 3 million for the renewal of the car park, IT investments , training and local headquarters. The car park consists of 1,600 vehicles and there are 17 million shipments completed monthly, all over the country. In order to extend the express courier service, FAN Courier launched Print&Go service, which offers printing, enveloping and shipping services to companies in Romania.

FAN Courier history is written every day by the hundreds of people who perform courier work with passion, by the hundreds of cars which cover the country widely, by the millions of parcels which we transport every year, only because you have given us your confidence.