Print&Go service represents the automatic print and send solution for documents – invoices, notifications, with the optional possibility to add flyers and brochures in the envelope. Document shipping is completed within an average time of 24 hrs after the order is confirmed by the client, irrespective of their location.

The service follows four steps:

Step I

The client sends the electronic version of the folder, together with all the necessary technical and graphic conditions, to

Step II

FAN Courier checks the document, prepares it for printing, following the technical specifications or offering graphic solutions, then the client confirms the order.

Step III

FAN Courier prints the document and sends it in an envelope. If requested by the client, the envelope may also contain flyers and brochures.

Step IV

FAN Courier ships the envelope anywhere in Romania within an average time of 24 hrs.


The service is available to FAN Courier clients all over the country.


In order to receive the complete personalized offer, please contact