Terms and conditions

Modified and revised 17/06/2013


FAN Courier Express offers services included in the area of the universal service, but not included in the area of the universal service, under the following conditions: FAN Courier Express accepts only mail dispatches appropriately packed and labeled by the dispatcher. By delivering the dispatches towards the FAN agent, the dispatcher agrees with the terms and conditions of FAN Courier Express, irrespective of signing or not the transport document (AWB).

The dispatcher is responsible for the correctness of the data written on the transport document (AWB) and the correct packaging and labeling of packages. In case of mail dispatches inappropriately packed by the dispatcher, FAN Courier Express is not responsible for any possible degradation of them during the transportation process.

The mail dispatches must not contain:

  • goods which, by their nature or the way they are packed, can cause damage to people, environment, used installations or other goods ;
  • packages which have inscriptions that conflict with the public order and good behavior, respectively goods which conflict with the public order or good behavior, if they are deposited unpacked ;
  • goods whose transport is forbidden by legal provisions, either only on part of the road: arms, ammo, drugs, explosive/toxic/flammable material ;
  • goods for which special conditions of transport are settled, by administrative, economic, sanitary, veterinary, phytosanitary legal provisions : art works, antiquities, gold, silver, jewellery, perishable products, alive animals, etc.

FAN Courier reserves the right to refuse the receipt of mail dispatches which contain goods previously described, and the mail dispatches which do not respect the packaging conditions of FAN. FAN Courier Express reserves the right to refuse the delivery towards the receiver of the mail dispatch if the dispatcher/receiver did not totally pay the appropriate tax.

The reception of the mail dispatch is made through the personnel employed at the FAN Courier Express working points or the address named by the dispatcher to courier:

Individuals: mail dispatches with declared value or cash on delivery, are received with elaboration of packing list/content check. In packing list the following will be mentioned: the products inside, series/codes and value of products/ageing of goods (ticked at new product/second hand product). The FAN courier assists the completion of form, at the packaging of products and checks if the mentioned products exist in the pack. FAN Courier Express does not assume responsibility of the correctness of information regarding the goods mentioned by the dispatcher in the form: « Specification of content ».

Legal entities: the mail dispatches without declared value, with declared value or cash on delivery, are received sealed.

The delivery of mail dispatch is made at the address mentioned by the dispatcher, personally towards the receiver or the person authorized to receive the mail dispatch. The delivery of dispatch can be made on Saturdays if the dispatcher specified on the transport document (AWB), in the box « Delivery Saturday ». At receipt, the packs will be weighted, measured and the weight taken into consideration will be the heaviest from the physical weight and the volumetric one. The calculus formula for the volumetric weight is length x width x height/6000. In the FAN store, the packages will be sorted/weighted by the mapping band. If there are differences of weight between the data written on the mail dispatch bill (AWB) and the report generated by the mapping band, FAN Courier Express reserves the right to modify the weight of mail dispatches according to the data from the report. The mapping band is equipped with a homologated balance and metrologically certified. The dispatcher will be informed in written upon the detected weight modifications.

FAN Courier Express will not use, during the entire possession period of the mail dispatch, manipulation methods of mail dispatches, which through the activity of its employees or external factors can damage, deteriorate the mail dispatch or its content. Also, FAN Courier Express does not condition the provision of mail services on the mail dispatch disclosure, will not open the mail dispatch and will not use manipulation methods, which could give the possibility to any person to acknowledge the content of the mail dispatch. In case of “Cash on delivery” service, FAN Courier Express will cash, at delivery of the mail dispatch, the value of the good which makes its object or will take over in exchange to the mail dispatch, another package, envelope or any other product demanded by the dispatcher and will send it to him subsequently. “Confirmation of Receipt (scanned AWB) is sent on fax/e-mail at the written demand of the dispatcher.

FAN Courier Express will return the mail dispatch to the dispatcher costumer, applying an equal tariff with the one of the delivery AWB, if the dispatch could not be delivered to the receiver from the following conditions:

  • address of the receiver does not exist or at that address, there is no building where the mail dispatch could be delivered ;
  • the receiver/person authorized to receive the mail dispatch was not found at the mentioned address, and the keeping term at the contact point served by the personnel, expired ;
  • the receiver or person authorized to take over the mail dispatch refused the receipt.

In case of the provision from point 2, but also in any other case, which does not frame between the three mentioned above, FAN Courier Express will notify the receiver upon the existence of a mail dispatch, the working point from which he can take it and will keep the mail dispatch for 14 days at the working point which should have made the delivery.

The mail dispatches which were not delivered to the receiver and neither returned to the dispatcher will be kept for 6 months in the FAN Courier Express store in Bucharest. If during this period, the dispatcher or receiver did not claim the mail dispatch, it will pass, without any prior notification or formality in the FAN Courier’s property. For any keeping of the mail dispatch under the dispatcher’s or receiver’s disposition, FAN Courier will levy a tax of 1 leu/day.

FAN Courier Express guarantees the delivery of any mail dispatch under good conditions and in full confidentiality, anywhere throughout Romania, in an average term of 24 hours and in a maximum term of 36 hours, except the non-working days, legal holidays, force majeur case and accidental case.

For mail dispatches over 3 m long or 100 kg weight – the delivery will be made from the FAN Courier Express headquarters. The delivery term does not include the week-end days and legal holidays. To respect these terms FAN Courier Express benefits of 60 settled tracks between the fix contact points served by the personnel, drawn up so any mail dispatch to be received from the collection point in maximum 12 hours from the receipt, and the FAN Courier vehicles to pass through each fix contact point served by personnel, at least once.

FAN Courier Express settled a simple mechanism of claims settlement, transparent and accessible, especially regarding the loss, total partial damage, deterioration of mail dispatches and non-compliance of the quality standards of services (delivery terms etc.). The procedures allow the equitable and prompt settlement of claims and an adequate system of reimbursement or compensation. FAN Courier Express is obliged to take into consideration a claim, only when the payment of the transport services was made.

The introduction term of the prior claim addressed to the provider of postal services is of 6 months and is calculated from the storage date of mail dispatch. The postal services provider is obliged to settle the prior claim in 3 months term from its introduction date.

The dispatcher/receiver unsatisfied by the offered services, may form a written claim on e-mail at the address costumer@fancourier.ro, phone 021.9336 or can send it in envelope at the address 31 Sos. de Centura, Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov county, in the attention of the Costumer Relations department.

The claimers must bring/send to FAN Courier Express all the documents on which he bases the claims, in order to make some correct and complete analysis (copy of transport letter (AWB), acknowledgement minute, demonstrative invoices, pack/product for expertise). The claims regarding the package damage, number of packs or their weight are made at delivery and not after it.

The Costumer Relations department confirms the receipt of the claim by phone, e-mail, to the claimer, if the claimer makes his e-mail address public and demands this thing by filling the confirmation of receipt in case of written claim and dispatched in envelope, and answers in written to the claimer, by e-mail, fax or answer address based on the way in which it received the claim and demand of the claimer.

Any claim will be registered in the « Electronic register of Claims », and the solicitor will be indemnified based on the type of chosen service, with declared or non-declared value in term of 30 days from the date of favorable settlement of claim.

If the claim is reasoned, the indemnity is given cash, if the solicitor is a natural person and through payment order or compensation if the solicitor is a legal person. The claim will be considered reasoned if, according to the contractual agreement or legal dispositions, FAN Courier Express is obliged to give indemnities. FAN Courier Express collects and delivers the dispatches, by own means, collaborates with other providers of mail services, but is the only responsible towards the clients, so:

  • in case of loss, theft or total or partial damage of the postal dispatches, which are the object of a service with non-declared value, FAN Courier Express gives an indemnity equal with the sum representing 10 times the tariff for a package, irrespective of weight ;
  • in case of loss, theft or total or partial damage of the mail dispatches, which are the object of a service with declared value, FAN Courier Express gives an indemnity of the entire declared value, if the client pays a supplementary tax of 1% from the declared value. If the client pays the supplementary tax of 1%, he is indemnified according to the declared value and the goods indemnified totally, enter under FAN Courier Express custody.

In case of loss, theft or partial damage of the mail dispatches which make the object of a service with declared value, if the client paid the supplementary tax of 1% from the declared value, FAN Courier Express gives an indemnity equal with the value adequate to the proven lost, damaged or faulty part. For the above mentioned cases, besides the indemnities provided above, the tariffs charged at dispatch deposition are also returned. In the following cases FAN Courier Express is exonerated of liability:

  • damage was made following the dispatcher’s act ;
  • the damage was made following an act of a third party, for which FAN Courier Express is not called, according to law, to answer ;
  • the dispatch was received without objections, by the receiver ;
  • the damage was made following a force majeur case or accidental case ; in this case, the dispatcher has the right of refund for the paid tariffs, except the insurance tariff.

FAN Courier Express is a provider of « Express » services and guarantees the delivery of mail dispatches in a term, as it follows:

  • 12 hours for the mail dispatches delivered in the same locality;
  • 24 hours for the mail dispatches delivered inside any county of Romania;
  • 24 hours for mail dispatches between county capitals;
  • 36 hours for any mail dispatch, which is not framed in any of the above cases, following to be delivered between any two towns in Romania.

Exception are the non-working days, legal holidays, force majeur case and accidental case.

FAN Courier Express is registered at the National Authority of surveillance of personal data arrangement, under number 4487, and the approval of the delivery terms and conditions of FAN Courier Express, means the approval of the client to arrange the personal data, according to Law 677/2001.

If FAN Courier Express exceeds the above terms from imputable reasons, gives the free delivery of the delayed mail dispatch or gives another free mail dispatch.

S.C. FAN Courier Express S.R.L.